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The Force

By Don Winslow

Winslow follows his last novel, The Cartel, with a one that recalls Lumet’s Serpico, whose agonies, however, pale in comparison.

Winslow’s novel takes place in 2017; it is a realistic mélange of police privilege, pragmatism, racial bluntness, street smarts; love and loyalty of partners – and what they call The Job.

Detective First Grade Dennis John Malone is the story of an arrogant hero – a case study in how unbearable pressure can push even the most idealistic guy on the Manhattan North Special Task Force to destroy all he holds dear.

Cops, gangsters, drug dealers, high-end madams – they all turn out to be in business together. 

The Force is driven by the fact that this can’t last forever. Bribes are standard practice but under Malone his partners have branched out into much more dangerous territory.  A good read!

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