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Our Mission

The Village Hall Circulating Library opened in November of 1904. In 1929, through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs Quincy Bent, the reading room was reconstructed as a Library with a small kitchen, a fireplace and 6,000 books.

The Library Committee raises funds for Library maintenance and the enrichment of its collection, sponsors presentations by local authors, lectures, poetry evenings, childrens’ story hour and teas during the winter months.  It is host to Annisquam organizations whose activities contribute to the well-being and enrichment of people of all ages in this Village community.  

Our Board

Deborah Bird, Hugh Collier, Elizabeth French, Jud Gale, Steve Harris, Geraldine Herbert, David McAveeney, John Perry, Doris Rust, Diane Sargent, Eroica Schenck, Frances Taplett

Our Staff

You can link to our YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLBPDzx80rKmhQI8N6Z-G-w


Donations can be sent to: Hugh Collier, Treas. Village Library - 71 Leonard St - Annisquam, MA 01930


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